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How to get indexed in Tordex & SEO guide

This is an SEO guide to maximizing Tordex's ability to properly index your website and display your pages in our search results. Please ensure that you comply with all of these rules for best results.

Technical Considerations

Do Not Block Bots
Tordex uses a bot to index your website. This bot will not have a regular browser user agent. If your web server is configured to block bots like these, then Tordex will not be able to index your website.
Ensure Correct HTML
If your page contains HTML errors, Tordex may not be able to index it properly. Many browsers nowadays have very relaxed parsers that tolerate errors, so just because your website displays properly in a browser, this does not mean it has correct HTML. Use an HTML validator to make sure it is correct.
No JavaScript
Our bot does not run JavaScript, so if your website needs JavaScript to display properly, then it will not be indexed correctly. Ensure that you always have a non-JavaScript fallback in place. (This is good practice on Tor anyway, since many users disable JavaScript.)
Do Not Timeout
If your website loads slowly, then it may not be indexed properly. Our bot can't wait around all day for websites to load. Make sure you use fast hosting and optimized code so that pages load quickly.
Return HTTP 200
We do not index pages that have errors (i.e. pages that do not return HTTP code 200). However, we do follow HTTP 3xx redirects. Please make sure that every page on your website loads properly, and is not a 404.

Content Considerations

Title Pages Properly
Making sure that each page has a descriptive title is important when we are listing search results. Ensure that the title concisely and accurate reflects the content of the page to encourage visitors to click on it.
Use Meta Descriptions
Add a meta description to every page if you can. This meta description is what will be shown in the search results. If you do not add a meta description, our bot will just try to find the first paragraph on the page, which may not always be what you want.
Link All Pages
Make sure that every page that you want indexed on your website is linked from another page that will be indexed. For example, link all of your important pages on your homepage. This will ensure that our bot can find them. If a page is not linked from anywhere else that we index, then that page will not be indexed and will not show up in search results.
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